fresh apples

At Our Core


Did you know apples are the 2nd most popular fruit in the US? Bananas are apparently in first place, if you’re wondering. We’re currently fact-checking, since we think apples deserve #1 status! Our bars are made from real, delectable apples in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where we source 100% of our apples. We craft these bars in small batches at our facility in Washington state. We think beauty is more than skin deep, so we use apples that aren’t pretty enough on the outside to be sold in the produce section. We’re not perfect and we like that about ourselves. Sometimes the tangiest, funkiest-looking apples make for the most interesting.
At Our Core


We call ourselves arbor because we want to provide a little shade (the good kind) from the hot mess of real life, with our sweetly yummy snacks. Like picking an apple from a tree and biting into its juicy goodness, we love simple pleasures —emphasis on simple. That’s why we have a simple list of ingredients. Not the kind that's a mile long or loaded with junk.